This shows you how I dig around and look for niches when I do it manually:

Want this automated?

If you’re interested in having this AUTOMATED for you, I negotiated a special deal with my friend James Jones.

He has a software that works beautifully.

You type in the name of a category you might be interested in and the software tells you all about that category:

  • How many sales it makes per month (estimated)
  • How much income it makes (estimated)
  • What prices the books are selling for in that category
  • How many reviews each book has (so you know what you’ll need to beat the best selling ones)
  • The sales ranking.

This is Windows-only.

Slight bummer, but I actually have my assistant use it (I don’t use the Windows parallel programs).

The software is worth its weight in gold, actually. What I just did in 10 minutes could’ve been done in 3, with a LOT less legwork. :)

And awesome news: James is giving Hands Off Books members $30 off his software (which is normally $97 and only found on webinars).

You can grab your $30 discount right here.