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Dear Friend:

You probably know how much money you can make with Kindle.

There are millions of readers on Amazon and they just *love* buying up your Kindle books.

And that means you do some work one time to rake in passive commissions month after month.

The only problem is…

It Can Be HARD To Get A Book Up.

Let’s face it… whether you’re new or seasoned on Kindle, it can be tough to get new books up.

Having an IDEA for a book is one thing.

Having to get up and start doing it – with the outline, getting the book in motion, etc… it’s NOT easy if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Especially If You’re Not A Writer
Or Don’t Have Thousands Of Dollars To Spend.

I mean, think about it: if you wrote it yourself, it could take MONTHS

And if you paid someone to do it, you could be asked to pay thousands of dollars.

In fact, a freelancer once quoted me as high as $10,000 to write one book. I was blown away.

So How Can You Earn
Consistent Money From Kindle
WITHOUT Killing Yourself To Do It?

It’s actually much easier than most people know.

I’ve learned this because throughout the years, creating my own 40+ books, I started to come across some very out-of-the-box yet very powerful methods.

And because I’ve been in the trenches testing, I’ve discovered several different methods to quickly generate quality money-getting Kindle books.

Some of these methods are counterintuitive…

And some of them are twists on things you’ve probably never considered.

Either way…

Listen To Me and You’ll Get
Your First Book Up This Week.

I’ve figured out ways to get books created for free or very inexpensively in as little as 3-7 days.

I will show you how to do that…

And even how to get people to not only write your book, but PROMOTE it for you…


Talk about epic.

Hands Off Books.

I created Hands Off Books when I saw how many people were struggling with creating books.

I wanted to show you it’s possible to make income-generating Kindle books without writing as much as a sentence.

The response so far has been GREAT. Here’s what Veit Schenk said:

“I’ve reviewed thousands of courses, no exaggeration… and since 2007, I’ve seen, at most, a dozen courses that fit my 2 criteria:

Simple enough that you can instantly do it and powerful enough that it’s worth doing it.

Rachel’s course is one of those dozen.”

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

Money-Making Book Strategy #1: ‘Get ‘Em Begging To Write For You

This strategy will show you…

check_green A site you can use FOR FREE to access hundreds of thousands of people who would LOVE to contribute to your book…

check_green How YOU can majorly profit from the world’s #1 bestselling book series… (why more people don’t think of this is beyond me)

check_green Underutilized places on the web where you’ll find people overjoyed to write for you…

Money-Making Book Strategy #2: The Expert Arm-Twister


Here you’ll learn…

check_green How you can align with big-name experts wanting to write for you…

check_green The “big fish” method guaranteed to make people salivate over the idea of writing for you…

check_green How you can use this to align with experts and make way more money beyond just the initial Kindle book sales…

Money-Making Book Strategy #3: Cashing In With Craigslist



check_green A brilliant way you can utilize one of the world’s most popular sites to get boatloads of fresh content…

check_green How you can get people to divulge their deepest secrets for $20 (and promise of anonymity, of course)

Money-Making Book Strategy #4: Outsourcing With A Quickness…


Here you’ll learn:

check_green How you can use traditional outsourcing with a twist, to get books written FASTER and CHEAPER than you could ever expect…

check_green How you can pay less than half of what you’d normally by just by this simple chapter trick…

Money-Making Book Strategy #5: A Small Army Of People Promoting YOU For Their Own Self Interest…


This is one of my favorites. In it, you’ll learn:

check_green How you can get a small army of people excitedly promoting your book – without wanting an affiliate link (or even knowing what that is)

check_green How to create an excited community of people salivating to read your book…

check_green How you can make it failproof that people read your book.

Money-Making Book Strategy #6: InstaPartner With Your Idol


In this strategy, you’ll discover:

check_green How you can find extremely well respected people in your niche and make them a partnering offer they’d be crazy to refuse

check_green The specific type of person you want to target… and why they’d LOVE you to work with them…

Money-Making Book Strategy #7: Kindle Blogging For Big Bucks

(NOBODY Talks About This)

This strategy will show you…

check_green How you can create consistent income month after month by using Kindle blogs…

check_green Where to get quality content for your blogs for FREE…

check_green Why people paying you will never want to quit


These are just the bullet points of SOME of the course.

There’s even more where that came from.

But like I said… it’s all short, powerful, and instantly actionable. :)

Here’s What People Say About
Hands Off Books:

“Bought yesterday afternoon… already got a full story. This is awesome!”


First, I want say that I love your products. It’s nice to get emails from a marketer that cares about their list and not promoting “crap” products.

I got your Hands Off Books yesterday afternoon.

I already got a full 2 page story. This is AWESOME. My new book is going to be called “Public Speaking Horror Stories – And What You Should Learn From Them”. It’s about how people have overcome the fear of public speaking and some of the crazy things that happen during a speech.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that this is a GENIUS method.

I’ve wanted to write another book for some time and couldn’t quite get things rolling.

Thanks and much appreciation.

Dan “DG” Girard

“Created My Dreaded Chapter In Less Than An Hour… I Didn’t Even Have To Write It!”


“I was so close to finishing my fiction book but I came to a standstill with it for 3 entire weeks because I was dreading a chapter that I had to write.

I received a review copy of Rachel’s Hands Off Book Writing report and with just ONE idea from it I created my dreaded chapter in less than an hour and the best part is I didn’t even have to write it!!

How awesome is that??!! Now I can finally finish my book!

I highly recommend this report because it is filled with awesome ideas to get your books done – literally hands off!!

Deborah Drum

“I’m writing a book because of you!”


I’m going to write a book!

I went through the course tonight and already made this page!

John F.

“After 2 years I now have a clear plan of action…”

I bought a domain 2 years ago to sell a series of books. That’s as far as it ever went.

I was lost at how to write the series of books I had envisioned.

After reviewing Rachel’s Hands Off Books I now have a clear plan of action outlined on how to get my series of books written for me.

Rachel’s easy to implement course filled in all the gaps.

If your writing project is stuck or you just dread writing then you should grab this course!

Ron Chamberlain

And as for your investment?

Hands Off Books Is Only $97…
For Now.

Honestly, it feels weird to even type that.

The right person could take this information and make 5, 10, 20+ books, each making a very substantial amount of passive income per month.

And if you’ve been wanting to create your own book for a long time, this course is like your magic ticket.

So why am I making the price so inexpensive?

Well, two reasons:

First, it’s important to me that I overdeliver and give you excellent value. It makes me feel like a good person and it helps me sleep better at night.

I love randomly stumbling upon success stories from people who said my small reports have helped them. Here’s one I found on a forum recently. It’s for an unrelated product, but it speaks to the value I aim to deliver.

“That little product… by Rachel Rofé…. had a profound impact on me and my family.”

Over three years ago, I bought a [cheap] report from Rachel Rofe about using your internet skills to help local business owners.

Fast forward to today and I have clients all over the Southeastern US that are extremely happy with the results they receive from me and my team.

That little product had a profound impact on me and my family.

As I built my Offline Business, I referred back to Rachel’s report numerous times as somewhat of a guideline for staying on track.

All that said, I still know that $97 is a HUGE bargain.

So you know how sometimes you tell yourself you’ll ‘come back later’ to buy something? That would be a BAD IDEA here. You could literally be forced to pay a lot more than if you just invested your movie-ticket’s worth of admission.

So if you’re even remotely curious about how to easily create money-getting Kindle books
you owe it to yourself to purchase right now.

And of course, you’re fully backed by a rock-solid guarantee:

Don’t Like It?
Don’t Pay For It.

I know you work hard for your money. I know you’re buying this solely on the promises I’ve laid out to you.

I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

If for any reason Hands Off Books doesn’t work out for you… all you have to do is let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll promptly refund all your money.

It’s that simple.

Sounds pretty fair, right?

With all that said, it’s time to take the bull by the horns and invest in yourself.

Here’s What To Do Now:

On the button below, enter your first name, email, and preferred payment method (PayPal or credit card).

After you do that, you’ll be redirected to another screen where you either use a 100% secure server put in your payment details.

When you get to the order confirmation page, you’ll instantly access the course that you can go through right away.

You’ll get all the strategies:

  • Money-Making Book Strategy #1: ‘Get ‘Em Begging To Write For You
  • Money-Making Book Strategy #2: The Expert Arm-Twister
  • Money-Making Book Strategy #3: Cashing In With Craigslist
  • Money-Making Book Strategy #4: Outsourcing With A Quickness
  • Money-Making Book Strategy #5: A Small Army Of People Promoting YOU For Their Own Self Interest…
  • Money-Making Book Strategy #6: InstaPartner With Your Idol
  • Money-Making Book Strategy #7: Kindle Blogging For Big Bucks (NOBODY Talks About This)

And literally, in a week from now, you can have a brand new QUALITY book on Kindle. Just order below:

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With love,
Rachel Rofé

P.S. Considering the guarantee, you have nothing to lose. If you’ve made it all the way down here, you owe it to yourself to spend less than $20 (less than the cost of a couple movie tickets)…

To learn how to create money-getting Kindle books that’ll provide you with monthly income.